Grilled French Onion Oysters


Oh la la!


Want a fabulous debut for Oyster Season? What better way to start than with a dish that mixes traditional french with lowcountry flare! 

Step 1: Go shuck your...oysters!

Note: Use an oyster knife with a pointy/sharp blade when shucking oysters on the half shell. Place blade into hinge while pushing into shell with an upward motion. Make sure to use a old rag so you don't cut yourself!

Step 2: Sautee onions, chives and garlic in butter until golden!

Step 3: Remove from heat and add wine!

Note: Feel free to add as much or little, this depends on your taste buds. But if you want these oysters to sing Champs Elysee, keep pouring!

Step 4: Spoon mix evenly on the oysters and top with cheese

Step 5: Grill oysters at medium heat until cheese is melted and golden!


-A dozen raw single oysters

- 1/2 cup of roughly chopped yellow onion

- 2 tsp of diced chives

- 2 tbs of butter

-1 minced garlic clove

-12 small pieces of havarti cheese

-1/4 cup chardonnay