Harvesting the taste of Lowcountry culture.


 Charleston Oyster Farm serves to bring you fresh, local and salty raw oysters by harvesting the taste of Lowcountry "culture" and delivering them to your dock or doorstep with a "marsh to table" approach. As the first oyster farm in the City of Charleston, SC, our mission (besides rejuvenating your taste buds) is to promote healthy ecosystems, environmental awareness, and local mariculture, while restoring the ever-fading working water front along the Southeast. As the market demands more and more single oysters, wild oyster populations face stress to satiate the local palate, and seafood continues to be imported. By farming a local, fantastically flavored, sustainable salty single, Charleston Oyster Farm hopes to decrease this stress on the environment and encourage mariculture operations throughout the lowcountry. 

All photography provided by Charleston Oyster Farm

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Meet the Team! Twin brothers, Peter and Thomas Bierce with Caitlyn Mayer.

“It takes great habitat to make great oysters, so when you are tasting a really superb one, you can take pleasure in knowing that you are tasting the untamed health and beauty of nature. An oyster doesn’t taste good because of a food scientist’s lecithin; it doesn’t taste good because of a winemaker’s oak chips; it doesn’t taste good because of the chef’s sauce. An oyster tastes good because at one spot in the natural world, something went right. A great oyster is an estuary flashing a thumbs up sign.”
— Rowan Jacobsen; A Geography of Oysters

Our first batch of local oysters! These singles are barely 8 months old. Perfect lips and already forming into little cups! Visit our gallery to see more!

Bottom cages visible along the banks at low tide in the winter. Not only does this allow the oysters to brine and dry out invading barnacles, it also gives our oysters a chance to watch the sunset with all their single friends :)