“Every now and then you get a wild oyster that really does feel like Neptune reached out of the waves and slapped you upside the head.”
— Rowan Jacobsen; The Essential Oyster


The Stono River is a tidal channel that separates John and James Island in Charleston, SC. Named for the Stono Native Americans that were native to this region, this water is not only rich in history, but in flavor. With minimal development surrounding this river, and bountiful ocean input, the waters are a thriving estuary. Our farm is located 3 miles south of the Atlantic, in front of a small goat island we call Meridian where an incredible mixing zone exists that gives our oysters the salt of the sea, and the sweetness of the earth. We select the biggest and brightest of the oysters, chisel them from the clusters, and leave the rest to continue growing and spawning. This practice allows us to provide the wild flavor of the marsh, in a sustainable way while maintaining natural oyster populations. This is a great oyster for Lowcountry natives, as you will still find that wild flavor reminiscent of the "good ole days", but with a refined twist. 

SPECIES: Crassostrea virginica (native)

LOCATION: Stono River, South Carolina

CULTIVATION: Grown wild and free, the most beautiful and bright of the oysters are selected, chiseled apart, tumbled, then placed in bags and off-bottom cages for several weeks to strengthen and shape the shell. 

PRESENCE:  A lengthy but svelte shell, with a soft and briny body inside. Like a caged lion, the outside may appear tamed, but the inside is still wild.  

FLAVOR: Roar! Inside these brackish beasts you will find a powerful punch that's salty yet sweet, with a subtle yet lingering minerality, that can only be found in Charleston waters. An unmistakeable taste that won't let you forget where these came from.